Here, we believe that "starving artist" stereotype is a myth.

We believe making money from your art is a meaningful part of what enables you to sustain a long-term career as a creator. Getting paid well is worth fighting for.

Here, we believe that Musicians Can Thrive.

Uncovering a better definition of "success" in the music industry.

One story at a time.

Around the time I was 13, my mom told me I had to choose between guitar lessons and dance lessons. There wasn’t much of a debate as I made that decision.

From that day on, my dream of “making it” as a musician grew into a passion that consumed me and became a fundamental part of my identity. Music was everything.

Then came the day I was playing paid gigs during SXSW, about to release my debut record... And I realized the “success” I’d been chasing for over 10 years wasn’t a life I actually wanted to live. Sorry, what??

Cue the identity crisis…

Mine is just one of the thousands of stories from creative people in the music industry finding ways to make money and support themselves as they uncover what “making it” means to them. What does it mean to be successful, to be able to support yourself with your art?

What does it mean to be a musician, and thrive?

How do you design a life that you love?

A critical piece of this, is how do you keep going when shit gets really hard? Putting in the work to build a body of work you're proud of? How can you build a career around this and stay resilient over the course of several decades?

These are the questions I'm exploring with Musicians Can Thrive.

You can learn how independent artists are identifying tools and strategies to build momentum with their music. You can learn about opportunities to get paid well, directly and indirectly involving your music.

There's a whole lot of wisdom out there, and hopefully, the stories shared here will help you get exposed to ideas you hadn't considered before. Then you can go run some experiments, and level up to a "making it" moment you might have thought was impossible before.

Get to know these talented people through the stories of their wins, their "making it" moments, as well as their challenges and moments of doubt. Enjoy their music. Learn how they juggle paying the bills and building an audience of loyal fans while also taking good care of themselves.

Discover what "musicians can thrive" means in a world where “success” has never been more open to interpretation.

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From small indie groups to award-winning songwriters. Female rock artists making the cover of Rolling Stone and hip hop duos. Musicians who go on the road as part of the backup band, producers, and composers. Managers and A&R veterans, indie label owners, and teachers.

These are the stories of musicians who balance multiple sources of income and build resilient careers.

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