Planning Strategic Tours with Anchor Shows

Daniel Pingrey playing keyboard on stage
Daniel Pingrey playing keys on tour

Some of the great strategies covered in this episode include: planning a tour or series of shows around the ‘anchor’ show, learning to enjoy talking with strangers at your shows, and when to prioritize exposure vs. cash.

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Daniel is a prime example of a musician who’s found a balance in juggling multiple streams of income, all while doing interesting things that revolve around music!

A self-described ‘keyboard wizard,' I found Daniel Pingrey while he was on tour as a guitar player in the US band for an artist I enjoy named Donovan Woods. He's a musician who plays several instruments, produces music, writes soundtrack music for things like content videos that businesses may publish, and co-owns a record label… Corporate Panda Records

Balancing the need to earn money with the need to gain exposure for your music is one of the most challenging parts of booking shows - at least in my experience. So when Daniel shared this concept of the “anchor show” and how you can use that to guide your booking process while you plan a tour or any general series of shows... it resonated with me as a powerful tool to take out the guesswork.

You can plan ahead with a paid guarantee for your anchor show, so the idea of playing another show that pays more in exposure than cash can feel less risky or stressful. That gives you the freedom to be able to truly enjoy playing that show, which makes the whole experience better for everyone involved.

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